Kiaf SEOUL 2022

Kiaf SEOUL 2022, Hall A, Booth A53

Anne Mosseri-Marlio 갤러리는 기쁜 마음으로 Kiaf SEOUL처음으로참가하게 되었구타이아티스트미노루오노다의진귀한 1960년대작품들은빛과공간예술가래리벨의 12인치큐브작품과함께전시하며대형그림의미라지작품 Mirage Work함께선보일예정이다가지를제외하고모든작품은예술가의사유지에서직접전달되었다쿠타이작가미노루 오노다(1937 – 2008)와 빛과공간의래리(b. 1939)원과그리고공간깊이의인식을탐구한다오노다는 1960년에발견된물체인진공관튜브를사용하여 3차원적공간감과원들을작품속에담아냈고이후에빠르게다양한스타일의원과구체를그려내만의스타일을구성하기시작했다조가비를태워서만든백색안료인고펀Gofun사용한그의 1960년대유화작업과 1970년대후반에만들어진개의커다란아이코닉한원은자신의상징적형태에대한열정을보여주는 작업이다래리밸은 1960년대부터유리와거울파편을사용하여빛과공간의특성에연구하기시작했다그는미니멀리즘의미학과접목하기위한연습으로유리큐브와대형조각품에진공도금하여얇은필름으로만들어내거나공간모든것들을캔버스히로미종이평편한표면위에그대로상호작용을반사하게하는연구를한다

The gallery is pleased to announce our first participation at Kiaf SEOUL. Rare 1960s works by Gutai’s Minoru Onoda will be presented along with a 12 inch Cube by Light and Space artist Larry Bell, as well as a large painting and Mirage Works. With one exception, all works come directly from the artists’ estates. Gutai’s Minoru Onoda (1937 – 2008) and Light and Space artist Larry Bell (b. 1939) separately opted to explore the circle and the perception of light, space and depth. While Onoda started to use found objects (vacuum tubes) to insert a 3rd dimension in his works and present circles in the paintings’ structure in 1960, he quickly proceeded to paint circles and spheres in various styles. Oil paintings from the 1960s, relief works with gofun, and 2 large iconic concentric circle works from the late 1970s demonstrate his passion for this shape. Bell started to work with glass and mirror shards in the 1960s to focus on the properties of light and space. He incorporates the aesthetics of minimalism and integrates the ephemeral in his practice by vacuum plating thin film deposits to coat glass cubes and large sculptures, canvas and Hiromi Paper, all of which interact and reflect light, space and colors on pristine flat surfaces.

Please visit us in booth A53 in COEX Exhibition Center. 

 Press & VIP day, by invitation only: General Admission: 2022. 9. 2 (금) 2022. 9. 3 (토) – 9. 5 (월) 14:00 – 20:00 11:00 – 19:30  2022. 9. 6 (화)
 11:00 – 17:00